Execview enables you to:
Why choose Execview?

Works out of the box and runs in days

No IT, no software integration, no specialist consultants. We deploy it, train your administrators, and help pre-load data or connect external data sources. Organisations feel a positive impact in days.

Execview saves significant time and cost. It provides PMO or performance reporting ‘in a box’. It is rolled out in a few days or weeks to whole business operations or change portfolios. This is because it is pre-configured to accept many types of business and change data. Training takes an hour for most people. Everyone likes the outputs.

Everything needed, pre-built, and connected together

Risk Management
Execview removes the need for lots of IT systems and data integration. Everything needed to steward business performance and its transformation is in one place. It is all connected together. For instance, a strategy map for strategic outcomes is shared across several business departments, outsourcers and change projects. Changes are reflected back into the strategic outcome measurements.

Execview removes the need for separate corporate performance dashboards, operational MI tools, disparate spreadsheets, risk systems project management software, time sheets and resource management, work request and prioritisation systems, document management, sharepoint and other collaboration tools. It’s all included.

Best practice made easy

Data Visualisation
Execview delivers pre-packaged best practice capability into the organisation. Using Execview means staff can do more with their time. The need for consultants is reduced.

Most people working on projects are not trained project managers. Execview provides online project initiation documents, progress reports, risk logs and action management. Similarly, most people do not have a grounding in operational process excellence, but Execview has templates for service definition, service provider output based specifications, transformational CSF/KPIs, risk and issue management, and root cause analysis.

Easy to deploy to staff and stakeholders

PMO Out of the Box
Most people take an hour to train in Execview, some less. It really is very easy to get teams to think about how their area of business works with Execview and the interface is intuitive. Stakeholders login directly to high level reports and scorecards.

Execview can load data from other systems, providing a basis for teams to engage straight away. Training is normally done by your administrators. Most systems supplying data can be interfaced in a day.

Execview starts to make a difference in a few weeks as information is loaded and people engage with it.

Line of sight from strategy to detail

Contracts and commercials compliance
Execview provides line of sight (drill down) from the highest level of summarisation right down to individual tasks, process performance, and data from core systems. The connections remain intact, fostering trust in the data. Execview is one version of the ‘truth’.

For instance, a strategy map for strategic outcomes is shared across several business departments, outsourcers and change projects, and changes are reflected back into strategic outcome measurements.

Focus on the decisions that need to be taken

Aggregate SLA and KPI reporting
For a governance solution to work, any person should be able to ask: “Does this tell me what decisions I should take, and will my accountabilities be achieved?”

Execview drives information in support of decision making at all governance points. This means every point where decisions are taken is clearly displayed, and the right information is available to answer the basic questions.